So you have a development project ready to go and now you need to make it happen. At Whiteman Property & Associates our experienced team can handle every aspect of the project, from planning and urban design through construction to hand-over. We’ll walk you through every step of the process including scheduling, setting up timelines and forecasting the risks that could potentially have an impact on your project.

We’ll define the project charter, manage the design process and source and coordinate consultants and sub-contractors. We also handle the negotiations and approvals with statutory authorities. We’re proud of our track record in dealing with councils and other authorities. Our collaborative approach has paid dividends in fast-tracking re-zoning and development applications, resulting in significant cost savings to our clients.

Throughout the development process we control, monitor and evaluate the project to ensure it’s always on track. Our approach is based upon providing transparency on all projects and establishing trust to ensure the client is always aware of the project status, the key priorities and ongoing negotiations.

One of WPA’s most significant project management jobs has been the development at Thornhill Park in the council district of Melton in Melbourne’s west, consisting initially of 1300 residential lots. You can read more about it here.