In 1985, Ivanhoe Grammar purchased land in the Plenty Valley (Mernda) where their Plenty Campus opened in 1990. As time went by, the school identified 28 hectares of the land abutting the scenic Plenty Gorge which was excess to their needs.

The land, originally zoned as special use, required re-zoning to be made available for residential development. Ivanhoe Grammar retained WPA to assist with the re-zoning process and, subsequently, the creation of a Development Plan and application for a Planning Permit.

Once the Planning Permit was obtained, we presented our client with feasibility options which included sale, joint venture or the development of the land. Ivanhoe Grammar decided to develop the land and appointed WPA as Development Manager.

The 380-lot subdivision, The Ivy, has been an outstanding success. All lots have been sold and the development has performed well in excess of the initial budget. Construction will be completed by the end of 2018 with a project duration of just 30 months.

The Ivy is an example of WPA’s capability in taking a project from feasibility to completion and working closely with owners who had no previous development experience.



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