Cristina Leggett


“The working environment promotes both leadership and teamwork to ensure successful outcomes for our clients

Cristina graduated with honours from RMIT University where she obtained a degree in Urban & Regional Planning. At WPA she has been involved in a wide range of strategic and statutory projects, assisting with the project management of a series of subdivision and multi-dwelling development proposals. In addition to preparing planning permit applications, a key component of her role has been the preparation of due diligence reports and assessments to assist with land acquisition. As a result of this, Cristina has been able to establish a strong working relationship with each of WPA’s key clients. Cristina has also been responsible for the management of design guidelines at two new major estates in the north and west.

Key Projects: The Ivy Estate – Doreen, Thornhill Park, Harvest Home Road – Epping North, Tesselar Avenue – Epping North