Town Planning

WPA defines your project charter, manages your design process, and sources and coordinates your subconsultants and subcontractors. WPA also handles your negotiations with statutory authorities.

WPA’s collaborative approach pays dividends in fast-tracking re-zoning and development applications, resulting in significant cost savings for their clients. Throughout the development process, WPA controls, monitors, and evaluates your development project progress to ensure it is always moving forward. WPA’s approach to all development projects prioritizes transparency, ensuring that clients are always aware of their project status, key priorities, and ongoing negotiations.

Some of WPA’s Town Planning services include:

  • Preparation of Preliminary Planning Due Diligence Reports to assist in maximizing the best outcomes for Permit Applications.
  • Assist with Opportunities and Constraints Plans to ensure best use of land.
  • Assist with appropriate layout and potential land uses, including review of Urban Design Layout Plans.
  • Manage and coordinate all subconsultants and subcontractors for the duration of each planning phase.
  • Organise and attend pre-application meeting with council.
  • Prepare all necessary documentation and reports for Planning Permit Application.
  • Lodgement of Planning Permit Application and follow ups.
  • Respond to any further matters raised by council during their assessment of the Planning Permit Application.
  • Coordinate and manage Plan Endorsement Phase.